Ask.Fm tracker

There are a lot of people who are using social site. Also most of them in some time of using this social site get question,that can make them feel mad,sad,or to feel bad about
themself. Problem with sites like is that almost everything is anonymous and you should not be able to find out who asked you questions. But as in all website they are some bugs
that can be used in good way or in bad way. We believe that this what we are doing are good way,because you will be able to find out who asked you anonymous questions on
As you can probably see these is just great tool. Let me tell you more about it. This program is called tracker,but in some places it is known as hack,but it is same program.
It is very easy to use it and there is only one task that you need to do. Well actually there are two. First you need to copy and paste anonymous question that you want to find out who
asked you. Just copy and paste link of that question,in this website called warriorcheats. And other thing you need to do is click on button “ track the questsion” or something like
that,I really don’t remember what it say but you should be able to see it. Then just wait few moments,or maybe even few minutes it all depends from how far that person is and things like
that. If he asked you from his account you will get the link of his account. If he didn’t you will get his ip address that you can use to find more about him. It is very complicated
how there program works but there is more details about it on their official site. The best thing is that is completly free and you can do everything online. I am sure you will enjoy in
this tracker or hack and that you will find out who asked you all that nasty anonymous question on social sites like Enjoy and happy hunting and happy hacking!